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oh hey great

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"Whenever I dwell for any length of time on my own shortcomings, they gradually begin to seem mild, harmless, rather engaging little things, not at all like the staring defects in other people's characters." - Margaret Halsey


Goodnight, Genevieve. Wherever you are.

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adrian mole, american pop (the movie), animal rescue, assholetry, audrey hepburn, baby pandas, bad van art, bagna cauda, baking, being grammatically correct, betty davis, bicycles, bunnies, calla lilies as weeds, cameras, cats, charles chips, cheese, chet baker, cycling, d.h. lawrence, death by cute, desmond dekker, dim sum, dogs, douchebaggery, doves (the band), eating off others' plates, ella mae morse, engaging in snobbery, escaping academia, firefly, foods on sticks, forbidden planet, freaks & geeks, gabriel garcia marquez, gladys knight, greyhounds, grinning, hanging out with linty, hating teenagers, having adventures, italian greyhounds, jean wells, jeffrey steingarten, joe strummer, joni mitchell, judas priest, knitting, laughing very very hard, laura lee, lauren bacall, laurence olivier, linty, macaroni and cheese, mavis staples, medium format film, mid-century furniture, minor characters, myrna loy, neuroses, nick and nora, noodles, panda cam, pg tips, phone calls in bed, picnics in cars, pith helmets, pith off, pith removal from citrus, pithy comments, poking things with sticks, polaroid, polaroids, pretty art deco things, puppies, rainbows, schrute space, sfogliatelle, shallots, shooby taylor, singing, sleeping, steak, stealing from others' profiles, sushi, swimming, sx-70, taking photos with film, taking the pith, tastykakes, the office (both versions), the point, the snackmaster lady, the wire, things on sticks, totally ridiculous "interpretive dance", travel, ur of the chaldees, valley girl